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Dr. Reshma Khan is a distinguished board-certified rheumatologist renowned for her expertise in a wide spectrum of rheumatological diseases and cutting-edge treatment modalities. She is deeply committed to the principles of integrative rheumatology, with a focus on preventative care for her patients.

Dr. Khan's specialized interests lie in the realm of inflammatory arthritis and women with autoimmune conditions. She is involved in numerous research projects and has several publications.

Beyond her clinical practice, she is an accomplished blog writer and a sought-after speaker.

Furthermore, Dr. Khan serves on multiple advisory boards, contributing to the advancement and innovation of healthcare. She is also the proud founder of WRG, a non-profit organization comprising over 1000 women rheumatologists, dedicated to fostering networking, education, and work-life balance within the field.

Her outstanding contributions have earned her recurrent recognition in the official publication of the American College of Rheumatology, 'The Rheumatologist,' and she has been consecutively voted as Palm Beach Illustrated's 'Top Doctor' for an impressive five years in a row.

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