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We are now accepting new patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, osteoporosis, and other chronic rheumatologic conditions into our limited members-only panel of holistic and integrative rheumatology with Dr. Khan. With this model, we will offer extensive support and services that are either not covered or reimbursed by your insurance on top of our high-standard medical practices. 

If you like to be a new patient in our panel, please fill out the information below. Once we receive your form, our office will contact you. 

*Please do not send sensitive medical information to our office. This email address is not HIPAA-compliant. Please fax or call our office to share all medical records and sensitive information.  

Thanks for submitting!

If you want us to have your records available to us, please either fax your documents to our office at 561-775-4990 or fill out our 'Medical record release form' and fax it to our office for us to request from your doctor's office. 

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