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‘Rise and shine and give God the glory’

Updated: May 5, 2019

I saw Mrs. C for the first time in office 3 weeks ago. She had recently moved from Jamaica to Florida to live with her daughter. As soon as I entered the exam room, I saw a sweet woman in her 70s with a bright smile on her face. She says to me,

I am here because I need help (showing me her hands). My primary doctor told me how great you are and I am really hoping you will be able to help me.

As soon as I saw her hands I knew she had long-standing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which was obviously not treated. She had classic features of rheumatoid arthritis that fortunately now a days we do not see often due to early diagnosis and better medications. I confirmed my diagnosis with complete history, physical exam, blood work and x-rays. I started her on medication and gave her an appointment to see me in 3 weeks. She came back 3 weeks later for follow-up. As soon as I entered the room I saw the same bright smile again but this time she was clapping and singing,

Rise and shine and give god the glory, Rise and shine and give god the glory, Rise and shine and give god the glory, Soldiers of the cross

I smile and started singing with her. After few seconds I asked ‘why were we singing?’

She said,

Because this is the first time in many years I can clap while singing in my church because my hands are not hurting any more. God sent you as a miracle in my life.

Mrs. C made me feel extra special that day by calling me a ‘miracle’. I knew what I did was not a miracle but I decided to hold on to that feeling for just a little longer. Her daughter sitting next to her said,

She prays for you every day Dr.Khan.

That day was my birthday and I was working. Mrs. C did not know that it was my birthday but some how she ended up giving me the most precious gift I can ever get.

‘PRAYERS for me and my family’

I will write a separate blog about rheumatoid arthritis soon. If you or anyone around you are interested in getting more information about it, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

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