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'The Rheumatologist'

Reshma Khan, MD, Rheumatologist

Dr. Reshma Khan is not only a busy practicing rheumatologist in Palm Beach but she is also a speaker and a blogger who has passion for educating people about rheumatic diseases. She is also a leader in her field and runs an organization involving more than 850 women rheumatologist. She has a special interest in women with autoimmune diseases. She is a busy mom, wife and a rheumatologist. However, she finds time to empower women rheumatologists all around the world. She strongly believes in giving-back to community by helping people learn about rheumatological diseases. She takes personal interest in taking care of her patients every visit. She makes sure her patients are taken care of in timely manner and keeps her wait time to minimum in her office.

She says, 'I will treat my patients the way I would like to be treated by my doctor.'

She was recently recognized for her work in one of the most prestigious national rheumatology magazine published by American College of Rheumatology. In her interview she said,

“The idea of having long-term relationships with patients really appealed to me, as well as working with patients to determine the best treatment plan to manage their condition,” Dr. Khan says. “My grandma, Ba, had arthritis and although she died shortly after I finished medical school, I treat every patient as I would treat my Ba. She made me a better rheumatologist.”
“My passion is helping patients with complex rheumatic conditions, such as RA and lupus,” Dr. Khan says. “If I can help them manage their disease effectively and live their best life, that’s very empowering.”

Read more about her interview here.

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