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Coaching services

Life-Energy is a coaching program that requires an annual commitment. This pioneering initiative aims to collaborate and empower you to enhance your health and embrace your fullest potential. Our core emphasis lies in lifestyle medicine, preventive healthcare, and behavioral modifications, all designed to reshape our perspective on healthcare.

Initial Rheumatology Wellness assessment

A comprehensive initial assessment of all facets of your lifestyle serves as the foundation for crafting a fully personalized plan aimed at optimizing your overall health.


Cardiovascular Risk Assessments and Genetic Testing

Chronic inflammatory conditions that we encounter and manage in rheumatology can significantly elevate the risk of cardiovascular complications, particularly when left untreated or inadequately managed. Taking a proactive approach by assessing your risk and taking early action can effectively prevent numerous cardiac complications in the future.


Nutrition and Diet Coaching

Highlighting the importance of anti-inflammatory foods and supplements, we also offer the option of additional testing for gut health, including food sensitivity testing, which may incur additional fees.


Webinars on lifestyle medicine coaching

Exclusive invitations to participate in webinars addressing prevalent health concerns, including topics such as fatigue, joint pain, sleep disorders, and rheumatic diseases.

Secure your spot now

This program has a limited number of available spots at present. While we are prioritizing our existing patients, if you are interested in joining, please email us, and one of our 'Life-Energy' team members will promptly contact you.


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