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Palm Beach Rheumatology And Wellness Center provides comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment. 

The specific treatment for your arthritis will depend on the type of autoimmune disease that you have. 

My team and I will create an individualized plan for your specific condition that can help prevent further progression of your condition and ease your pain and improve your quality of life.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Management of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease

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Infusion services: Our state of the art infusion center provides in-office infusion services in a warm and comfortable environment

In office Infusions

  • Remicade 

  • Orencia

  • Rituxan

  • Simponi Aria 

  • Benlysta

  • Actemra

  • Reclast

In Office Injections

  • Cimzia               

  • Stelara               

  • Prolia               

  • Evenity


Our office provides Joint and Soft Tissue Injections including:

  • Injections for bursitis, tendinitis

  • Trigger point injections

  • Trigger finger injections

  • Joint injections

    • Intraarticular Corticosteroids

    • Viscosupplementation - Synvisc, Orthovisc, Gel-One

Lifestyle Coaching and Counseling on Managing Rheumatic Conditions

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The effects of wellness in Rheumatology is very specific and has been well documented for past many years. It’s a conscious choice that people make and it requires ongoing efforts from patients and their rheumatologist to maintain. It not only involves physical but emotional well being. There are 5 basic elements that are modifiable - diet, sleep, mindfulness, social connections and exercises.


Learn more about how you can implement these changes to achieve wellness in addition to your standard therapy for your rheumatic diseases, by scheduling a special 1 hour consultation with Dr. Khan. 


Fill out our this form to schedule a Lifestyle Coaching and Counseling consultation.

Lifestyle Coaching and Counseling Consultation.

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Nutritional and Supplement Education

Oasis Health’s line of Premium Products was formulated by Rheumatologists to provide patients a natural, preventative approach as part of their overall wellness plan. All products are third party tested for purity with verified sourcing and are manufactured in the USA. All Oasis products are free of both gluten and GMOs.  

Oasis Health’s nutritional supplements are:

  • Designed to help achieve patient goals

  • Backed by science

  • Deliver outstanding potency

  • Packaged for patient convenience


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Many of the supplements on the open market do not follow strict testing guidelines, which leaves room for under-dosed products and inaccuracy in delivery. By third party testing individual ingredients and the finish blend each time, Oasis ensures potency for every batch of its products.

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