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If you think you need a rheumatologist- you must read this!

Rheumatology is one of the most challenging specialties of medicine. Rheumatology patients usually suffer from chronic illnesses requiring close and long-term follow-up. I also know that every patient coming to me for their care is unique and requires an individual treatment plan.

"It is time that we elevate our rheumatology care by treating our patients with holistic and integrative approach in addition to our high-standard rheumatology care, rather than just prescribing traditional diagnostic tests and medications." - Dr. Khan

I have designed my rheumatology practice to meet patients' rheumatological needs to fit their lifestyles. It is an exclusive members-only holistic and integrative rheumatology practice. I can allow rheumatology patients to better manage their diseases by providing them with this care service.

In a small and personal office setting, patients get to know each of us, from our front staff to our medical assistants to our providers. With only a few providers at Palm Beach Rheumatology and Wellness Center, we strive to offer personalized and quality care to you.

Our entire team believes in building trust-based partnerships with our patients. Rather than being in and out of the room and simply writing a prescription, we collaborate with you. We help you manage your rheumatology health issues and navigate complex decisions regarding your treatment. We empower you with detailed explanations and understanding of your diagnosis and treatment to help you decide on your medical management. We use diagnostic tests appropriately and save you money and time. As a double board certified in Internal medicine and rheumatology, I am confident in my medical knowledge not to have you go through unnecessary diagnostic testing.

We are focused on caring for you in a holistic manner. We take all aspects of your health and lifestyle into consideration. Every patient in Palm Beach Rheumatology and Wellness Center has the benefits of getting high-standard medical practice, including but not limited to:

  • Assistance in handling rheumatology medical needs while traveling.

  • Coordination of care with primary care physicians and specialists both in and out of state.

  • Coordination of care with family when needed for our elderly patients.

  • My team makes sure you clearly understand your follow-up plans.

Many of our patients are complex and will benefit from a more holistic and integrative approach in addition to traditional medicine. With our membership model, we offer extensive support and services that are either not covered or reimbursed by insurance on top of our high-standard medical practices.

We offer custom services such as:

  • Monthly webinars with lifestyle and wellness coach on lifestyle and behavioral changes to combat chronic inflammation, anti-inflammatory diet, grocery shopping and meal planning, stress management, meditation, and exercises in patients with arthritis.

  • Quarterly Educational Workshops to educate you about pressing rheumatologic topics.

If you are living with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, polymyalgia rheumatica, osteoporosis etc.. you may benefit from having such a holistic and integrative model of rheumatology care.

'It is not possible to take care of rheumatology patients with just prescription medications. These patients need holistic and integrative approach.' - Dr. Khan

If you want to be part of our exclusive members only Integrative rheumatology panel, send fill out the form here.

Reshma M. Khan, MD

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